Posted by: Administrator | 06/02/2016

Professor Peter Cameron

Academic publishing is in a period of rapid change. Part of this is driven by
pressure from the funding bodies. The research councils mandated open access,
preferring the gold model; the LMS responded by starting a new journal, the
Transactions. Then the funding council undermined this somewhat by announcing
that, in order to count for the next REF, a post-acceptance version of the
paper must be freely available within three months of the acceptance date.
Why would anyone pay a 3- or 4-figure sum for gold open access when they have
to put a free copy up anyway? The LMS JCM should qualify under either regime.

Another recent directive from the research councils on “open data” requires
that data supporting the conclusions of a paper must be freely available,
accompanied by “high-quality metadata”. This directive is particularly
relevant to people at the interface of maths and computing, who might have
large programs or output from them to justify a mathematical result. The
JCM is one of the very few journals which actively support this at present.

My colleague Alexander Konovalov surveyed the bibliography of papers which
cite the computer algebra system GAP in their references. There are 331
journals in the list; the JCM stands at number 9 on this list. Right there is
the community who will suffer the most damage from the closure of the JCM.


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