Posted by: Administrator | 22/01/2016

Professor Alexandre Borovik: Serious issues with Proxy Vote Forms

A colleague wrote to me:

Executive Secretary  writes

“3.  An option has been added to the Form to allow members to grant the appointed proxy the option to vote at the proxy’s discretion.”

but this is not on the form she sent

My own attempts to open the file  SGM_2016_02_05_Proxy_Voting_Form_UPDATED.docx attached to Executive Secretary’s email of 21 January 2016  by some standard Microsoft software led to  results like this:Proxy Voting Form

and this:


As you can see, all 3 options mentioned in the document have disappeared. Using my arsenal of text editors, I was able to recover some meaningful text. But I  still do not know whether I have recovered the text in full. It also appears that some members managed to recover only two declared options out of three.

I am aware now, from correspondence with my colleagues, that the problem persists and affects other members of the Society. In my opinion, it has to be immediately fixed for the vote to be valid.

In my opinion, it is not advisable to circulate the LMS voting documents in a format which is not compatible with software widely used by the members of the LMS.



  1. I do agree with you about people sending around Word files. I tried to get it stopped some time ago at my University when I was on many of the top committees and I did largely succeed for a while but it has tended to creep back now. I am lucky because, being a Mac user, I can normally make pretty good sense of them (as I have Word on my mac) but I know that many people have real problems with them. If I ever do have to send a Word file (some people explicitly request this) then I also send a pdf (to make sure the person sees what I meant when they are reading the Word file).

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