Posted by: Administrator | 14/01/2016

Professor Gregory Cherlin, Rutgers University

To the London Mathematical Society

pdf file of this letter

Dear Colleagues,

I write with regard to the LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics.
Regardless of one’s particular interests in mathematics one cannot overlook the computational revolution in mathematics in the last decades. While my own subject of model theoretic algebra is in principle rather distant from computational mathematics, and I am not active in the development of specialized algorithms beyond those occasionally needed for my own particular purposes when
pen and paper give out, I have certainly profited directly from its development, notably through the Atlas of Finite Simple Groups and associated GAP routines (responsible, in their earlier incarnation as Cayley, for some of my own conjectures and results).

The Journal in question is recognized as a model in terms of the quality of the editors and published works, and the online-only format is singularly appropriate for works in this area. The subject of computation as required by advanced theoretical mathematics is not one which is overburdened with quality journals at this time, and the association of the LMS with this Journal adds luster to
both, in my opinion, and performs a service of considerable value to the international mathematical community.

It would be desirable that the journal be maintained under the same name with the same high standards, and for reasons which seem self-evident one would hope that a way could be found to do this within the framework of the LMS publishing program.

Gregory Cherlin
Distinguished Professor


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