Posted by: Administrator | 14/01/2016

Professor Dr. Gerhard Hiss, RWTH Aachen University

With considerable consternation I have learned that the Council of  the London Mathematical Society decided to close down its Journal of Computational Mathematics.

Ever since its launch in 1998, I have considered the LMS JCM as  a truly innovative and valuable journal.

It is innovative not only as one of the first online journals of its time, but also by making full use of this publishing medium, for example by offering the possibility to attach large tables of data to an article.

It is valuable since it fills a real demand in the community of mathematicians whose work involves, possibly to rather different degrees, experimental, constructive and algorithmic aspects.

(By the way, I consider the approach to Mathematics using computers, for example to perform a large number of experiments, or to produce discoveries which are otherwise out of reach, usually not just by running an algorithm but in an interactive manner, rather forward-looking.)

As the managing editor of the Computational Section of the Journal of Algebra, I do appreciate the need of journals with a focus on computational mathematics.

The LMS JCM is presumably the best journal to date satisfying this need, and it does cover all areas of mathematics, so that I really cannot follow the LMS Council’s decision to close their JCM down.


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