Posted by: Administrator | 14/01/2016

Professor Cheryl Praeger, Honorary Member of the LMS, University of Western Australia

From: Cheryl Praeger
Sent: Thursday, January 14, 2016 6:13 PM
Cc: Cheryl Praeger
Subject: LMS Journal of Mathematics and Computation

Professor Simon Tavare FRS
The President
London Mathematical Society

Dear Professor Tavare (Dear Simon)

I was appalled and incredulous when I heard of the decision by the LMS to discontinue the LMS Journal of Mathematics and Computation. I have always regarded it as an innovative and high quality journal. It was a risky venture by the LMS, since the journal was launched at a time when most authors were reluctant to publish their papers in journals which did not already have an established high reputation, and most were particularly suspicious of on-line journals.

I admit I had certain misgivings in sending my first paper to the LMS Journal of Mathematics and Computation (published in 2004). It could have easily gone to one of the other mainstream LMS journals. This is also true of the next couple of papers of mine which were published in this journal. Choice of the LMS Journal of Mathematics and Computation for those papers was made mainly because I knew that the journal was quickly becoming well known among mathematicians interested in algorithmic and computational aspects of their work; but in addition I was making a conscious expression of support for this new venture, as I and my co-authors valued the publication philosophy of open access espoused by the new journal. I know that one of the co-authors on my third paper, who unfortunately died recently, would have (if he had lived) been extremely angry and dismayed to learn that the journal may be discontinued.

I chose the journal for one of my more recent papers because it seemed an ideal place for it. My colleague and I had developed a new algorithm and we probed the relationship between its theoretical algorithmic complexity, and what was needed, and could be achieved, in practice. This was done in the context of exploring criteria/issues important for practical implementations, together with an analysis of the extent to which existing algorithms for the same purpose, and our new algorithm performed with respect to these criteria. The LMS Journal of Mathematics and Computation provided the perfect outlet for such an analysis.

I urge the London Mathematical Society to reconsider, and indeed to reverse the decision to close the LMS Journal of Mathematics and Computation.

Yours sincerely

Cheryl E Praeger AM FAA
Honorary Member, London Mathematical Society


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