Posted by: Administrator | 14/01/2016

Letter to the LMS Council requisitioning the Special General Meeting


In accordance with Statute 19 of the LMS Charter and Statutes, we,
members of the LMS, make a requisition to convene a Special General
Meeting of the Society; the object of the meeting shall be the reversal
of the LMS Council’s decision to close down The LMS Journal of
Computation and Mathematics.

The Council’s decision to close the Journal seems to conflict with the
public benefit statement of the Trustees’ Annual Report. Moreover,
closing The LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics may be at odds
with the charitable aims of the LMS as spelled out in its Charter.
Indeed, Article 3 of the Charter says:

“The objects for which the Society is incorporated shall be: […]

(vi) To *make grants of money* or donations in aid of mathematical
investigations or *the publication of mathematical works* [our emphasis]
or other matters or things for the purpose of promoting invention and
research in mathematical science, or its applications, or in subjects
connected therewith; […]”

We trust that our requisition will be treated in line with Statute 19 of
the LMS Charter and Statutes:

“19. The Council shall within twenty-eight days of the receipt of a
requisition in writing of not less than twenty Members of the Society
stating the objects for which the meeting is desired convene a General
Meeting of the Society. If upon a requisition the Council fails to
convene a Special General Meeting within twenty-eight days of a receipt
of the requisition then a Special General Meeting to be held within
three months of the expiration of the said period of twenty-eight days
may be convened by the President or the requisitionists.”

10 November 2015

Professor Bryan Birch FRS
Professor Alexandre Borovik
Professor Ronald Brown
Professor Peter Cameron
Professor David Epstein FRS

Professor Victor Flynn
Dr Tony Gardiner
Dr Andrew Glass
Professor Timothy Gowers FRS
Professor Derek Holt

Professor Jon Keating FRS
Professor Andrey Lazarev
Professor Josef Lauri
Professor Charles Leedham-Green
Professor Angus Macintyre FRS

Dr Kay Magaard
Dr Christopher Mulvey
Professor Graham Niblo
Professor Jeffrey Paris
Professor Beatrice Pelloni

Professor Norbert Peyerimhoff
Dr Colva Roney-Dougal
Professor Peter Rowley
Professor Tony Scholl
Professor Sergey Shpectorov

Professor Leonard Soicher
Dr Alina Vdovina
Dr Theodore Voronov
Professor John Wilson
Professor Robert Wilson



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