Posted by: Administrator | 29/09/2010

Election statement: Stephen Huggett

I offer these few remarks on my work as Programme Secretary in support of the move towards more openness between the Council of the LMS and members of the Society, and I hope that other candidates for election this November will do the same.

My most important job as Programme Secretary is of course Chairing Programme Committee, which oversees the organization of the formal Society Meetings, and awards the grants for conferences, research visitors from overseas, research groups, research in pairs, among others. I have an excellent committee, and I know we all feel that these small research grants have an effect far beyond what one might expect from the amounts of money involved.

This year, I have also been busy with the International Affairs Committee, because of our responsibility for briefing the LMS delegation to the General Assembly of the International Mathematical Union. This took place in Bangalore in August, just before the ICM in Hyderabad (where the LMS was also very active).

Finally, I am Chairing the group which is redesigning the web site for the Society. I think most people feel (perhaps quite strongly) that our current site is woefully unattractive and inadequate.


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