Posted by: Administrator | 09/09/2010

Research Policy Committee: Policy Position Papers

The Research Policy Committee of the LMS is preparing position and information statements intended to inform the upcoming International Review of Mathematics.  The statements themselves may also be of interest to mathematics departments around the country.  The Committee would welcome any thoughts or comments that members of the mathematical community may have on the statements.

Three statements are in production and working drafts are available below.  The Committee would like to emphasise that these are working drafts, they are not statements of LMS policy and these have not been approved by LMS Council.

  • Facts and Figures – This aims to show the current context of UK mathematical sciences.
  • RAE-based Funding of UK Mathematical Sciences Research – This aims to show the RAE Mechanism and its operation.  A separate paper on REF and ‘impact’ will follow once there is clarity on its timing and detail.  For the moment we would prefer to focus on current arrangements.
  • Doctoral Training – This discusses the nature of UK doctoral training in mathematical sciences.

The committee would welcome any views or comments on these statements.  We would also be interested in any sources of information or statistics that are available and could be used to inform policy.

Comments can be sent to the committee at and we would be grateful for replies by 20th September 2010.

Ken Brown
LMS Vice-President
Chair, Research Policy Committee


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