Posted by: Administrator | 18/10/2009

Comments from Kirill Mackenzie

Here are a few comments on how I will proceed if elected to Council as  a Member-at-Large. This is not a list of policies on various matters, which  could quickly get long and might soon be rendered irrelevant by changing  circumstances. Rather these are some general guides to my approach.

I am very wary of grand schemes for new beginnings. There are real and  serious problems facing the LMS and (what I have called) independent  mathematics, quite apart from internal matters. My priorities will be  to safeguard the Small Grants Scheme, to keep to the legal minimum  the time and money spent on bureaucracy (as distinct from necessary adminstration), and to support the web-based participation of members  which has been described by others on this blog. If these aims can be  achieved at a time of financial constraint and increasing government  involvement at all levels of activity, then that will be a good basis for  the future.

Professions such as medicine and pharmacy involve life-and-death decisions and they very properly have regulatory bodies (though the value of these is  increasingly being reduced by government appointed lay members). But independent  mathematics does not need such a structure. We do need a group of clear-headed experienced people, leavened by younger colleagues, to guide and to act as  representative figures. The LMS consists of individual mathematicians  and their views should be available to everyone.


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