Posted by: Administrator | 13/10/2009

Stephen Huggett: Election Statement

I am a passionate believer in the value of the small grants schemes offered by the LMS, and very pleased that so many members feel that this part of the Society’s work is so important. Some people are arguing that we should spend more on lobbying and less on grants: I disagree. Of course we have to do what we can to defend our subject, but the success of our grants schemes is itself a powerful argument for better support mechanisms elsewhere.

Also, I think everybody knows that the rise in our administrative expenditure cannot continue. Now, it is twice as big as that on our grants schemes, and it is still growing. Not very long ago we spent twice as much on grants as on administration! In my view this is one of the most urgent challenges facing the new Council, and I hope we can find a creative solution to this problem. We are lucky to have excellent staff working in De Morgan House, and whatever we decide, we must continue to treat them with the respect and care they deserve.

Another urgent task for us is to design a new web site for the Society. Our current site is an embarrassment! A new site should include interactive pages, which would be one way of decreasing the distance between Council and members. I support far greater openness in Council affairs. We have been hampered in recent years by a way of working which emphasizes hierarchy and the control of information.


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