Posted by: Administrator | 31/07/2009

Ian Roulstone: “Highlight the value of research in ‘purer mathematics'”

The LMS has an excellent track record of supporting many activities in applied mathematics. In my own field of environmental modelling, there is a much welcomed acknowledgment, from bodies such as the NERC, of the need to devote resources to engaging with the purer end of mathematics: we need to bring fresh ideas to bear on the urgent problems of predicting climate change, and a wide range of subjects, from stochastic processes to control theory, are playing an increasing important role in our science. I believe that it has never been more important to highlight the value of research in ‘purer mathematics’, and the LMS does an excellent job in this regard.

I pay my annual subs to four learned societies: for myself, the LMS represents the best value for money (and it is the cheapest!), and while I scarcely have time to read the monthly ‘glossies’ produced by three of the societies, I always find time to read the LMS Newsletter – it is well presented, so informative, and can be read in finite time.

Ian Roulstone


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