Posted by: Administrator | 25/06/2009

Future of the LMS

Dear Colleagues,

The ballot is over, and now we are thinking about its implications for the LMS. Here are a few opening points.

  1. The merger discussion had the unexpected side benefit of revealing the impressive activist base in the Society: many our colleagues stepped forward and demonstrated that they are prepared to work for the LMS. It has always been known that the members of the Society are its greatest asset, but it has perhaps never been more evident than it is now.
  2. The principal task of the LMS Council now should be reconnecting and re-engaging with the membership as a whole. We have to find ways of using the voluntary services of, and advice from, members in all areas of the Society’s work. There are good examples of this: it is already done, in the most impressive way, in the editorial work on the Society’s publications.
  3. The LMS Council has to work in a more open and transparent manner and maintain efficient two-way channels of communication with the membership. An important and obvious first step is to bring forward the plans to set up a more attractive and user friendly website.
  4. A really strong membership drive has been planned for some time: it should happen now, while so many people are talking about the Society’s future.
  5. While continuing to build cooperation with other professional organizations in mathematics and related fields, such as the IMA, the LMS should focus on its own work, especially in the areas where its achievements are unrivalled.
  6. The LMS Council and staff, relieved from the huge workload created by the merger project, should be able to find time and resources for the development and implementation of these and other ideas.

Alexandre Borovik and Stephen Huggett


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